I am idealistically passionate, a logical thinker, a researcher, an artist, a designer, a student of history & nature, a teacher, a storyteller.
I’m an entrepreneur.

I am a highly passionate Interaction designer. I have managed to hone my skill in UI/UX design over years of practice. This, coupled with research and learnings have helped me developed expertise in Visual UI Design, User Experience, Usability, Interaction Design, Product Design, Research & Analytics implementation, Strategy & Planning.

Working in fast paced, highly demanding environments has made me an ‘on the fly problem solver’ with a unique skill-set that spans various disciplines. I have a great track record in design application given my work is still in use today, some transitioning in highly successful campaigns with impressive results. I have experience working with clients, agencies to huge brands in various commercial roles across multiple verticals; from jobs, cars, travel to on-line malls in varied e-commerce models. 

I have mentored and trained great young designers who have gone on to hold impressive roles and produce awesome works to their accomplishment. As a manager in various responsibilities, I have lead and nurtured teams as well as helped implement and shape various people and business strategies that have lead to efficient processes, inspiring work relationships to great commercial gains through creating stronger links between engagement and performance.

Experiencing frustration & overcoming it through skill & practice are more rewarding than a well crafted ending